Hair Transplant Restoration
UK Hair Clinic's Laser Cap Treatment (Non-Surgical)

Wear under your existing hat whilst at home, or undergoing daily activities (30mins every other day)

The UK Hair Clinic's Laser Cap is a revolutionary non-surgical treatment for hair loss and hair shedding. It uses Low Level Laser Therapy (known as LLLT) to stimulate and promote cellular activity within the hair follicles.

The UK Hair Clinic's Laser Cap has 224 laser diodes mounted in a dome shaped cap, which can be worn on it's own or underneath any cap or hat - meaning that it can be worn discreetly whilst continuing with daily activities.

Benefits For Laser Cap Users:

Discreet, portable and convenient.
Wear under existing hats or headgear.
Administers optimal power and dosage.
Proven results in hair regrowth.
Can be used by both men and women.
Compatible with other hair treatments such as Minoxidil and Finasteride.
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UK Hair Clinic's Laser Cap for Hair Loss Treatment
The UK Hair Clinic's Laser Cap fits under most hats and can be
worn whilst doing most activities.

The UK Hair Clinic's Laser Cap In More Detail:

The evolution of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) has now reached a level of satisfaction for our medical team to feel confidence in the benefits that our patients may obtain. Our in house LLLT has always been available for our patients however they were never going to give a massive result as patients needed to attend sessions, 2 or 3 times a week (with non portable clinic lasers). The change to a laser comb improved the usage however they were limited in the lack of area that they could cover to give the output energy levels required to get a major improvement.

Now we have the UK Hair Clinic's Laser Cap! - The cap has 224 laser diodes and slips inside a hat so that you can wear it at home. Patients use it for thirty minutes, every other day.

Comparison with Other Low Level Laser Therapy Products (LLLT):

Here is a table showing the output of energy compared to the other systems available:

Laser Cap compared with other laser hair loss treatments.

With the UK Hair Clinic's Laser Cap, you are just wearing a hat for 105 minutes per week; with this we have found the compliance by our patient is sufficient for the technology to improve the patients' hair. If the cap does not work for the patient then we have no other choice than to look at the medical options that are available. It is not suitable for all patients, so when you have you free consultation, all options will be discussed,

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